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YouTube is a popular video sharing and social media platform that is being used by billions of users. This platform is used by people all over the world for watching, liking and uploading videos. You can search and watch any video according to your needs and interests.

This platform is not only free of cost and easy to use but you can also earn money by uploading your videos. The monetization of YouTube depends upon how many subscribers you have.

Viewers across the globe use this platform to share information and gain knowledge of their respective fields. YouTube allows access to media without any hassle. You can stay up to date with the latest trends and events happening in the world. If you are a regular viewer of news channels available on YouTube, you may keep yourself updated with the latest knowledge relating to areas of your interest.

Many teaching academies and online educational institutions have established their own YouTube channels to educate their audience. Many people had gained fame and popularity by uploading videos containing content that is loved by people all across the globe. But to get the videos popular, you will have to keep in mind various factors, including interesting thumbnails.

You can not only watch videos online but YouTube also facilitates you for free downloading of videos. By downloading these videos, you would be able to watch them while offline i.e. not connected to the internet. There would be no lagging hence you would be able to watch all the episodes of your favorite shows without any break.


Thumbnails of a video give its users a short and quick glimpse of what issue had been highlighted in the video OR What a viewer should expect while watching the video.

The major benefit gained by selecting the right thumbnail image is attracting the maximum number of audience to your videos. You can make your video and compress its size by using YouTube’s library. You have to follow these steps:

  • Open YouTube by clicking on applications’ shortcut.

  • Go to your library of videos.

  • Select an auto- generated thumbnail or make your own customized thumbnail of your video by hitting a custom thumbnail link.

  • Save your selected image with your videos.

Some YouTube content creators choose to select thumbnail images from the auto- generated ones created by YouTube. Many prefer to go for custom made thumbnail images. The preferred selected size for a thumbnail image is 1280*720. The suggested resolution is 16:9 aspect ratios.


You can make a thumbnail for your videos by going through the above steps, or you can use this online tool. Our online YouTube Thumbnail downloader tool can help you in making thumbnail images as per your requirements and preferences.

You got the right online tool for making thumbnails of your videos. You can customize the image by giving recommendations or can opt from available templates that are ready to use as per your needs.

You simply had to select one template from available readymade ones’, make amendments as per required and you are ready to go. It also gives you a wide selection of copyright free images from them you can choose an image you find best attach it with your video.

Now you are ready to upload your content on YouTube. This tool not only makes your task easy but also there is no need to brainstorm and search hundreds of websites to look for the perfect image and that too is copyright free.

Also you can download thumbnails from your favorite YouTube videos by simply providing the link of your video in the given box and you will see the magic happening, without any hassle your favorite images are saved in HD quality on your device. You are now ready to view your image in their original quality and size.

Our YouTube thumbnail downloader tool is free of cost, easy and quick. You need no expertise to perform your task and save images for later use. These images play an important role in gaining maximum number of viewers and making it among top trending videos of the season.

You simply had to provide the link of your selected video in the given box and click the download button. A list of selected videos will appear on your screen that contains all the available thumbnails, which has shortlisted those with HD quality and those which are of low quality.

Click on the thumbnail you want to download and it will get stored on your device. These videos get stored in locations as per your device storage recommendations. You can also look for downloaded videos by pressing ctrl+j and it will show you the location for downloaded videos. You can download any video that is for the public by clicking the tool on our website.


This YouTube thumbnail downloading tool provides you an opportunity to download and save an image of your choice and use it accordingly. For any video, you do not have to search again and again. Hence, it saves your time and energy.

By making a folder of your favorite images downloaded by YouTube thumbnail downloader, you do not have to brainstorm your mind in search of the perfect image as you will select one from your chosen ones. Also no need to select an image and then reset its quality and size according to your requirement as you already had downloaded the one that fits best among all options.

Now you can save your time as well as energy. YouTube thumbnail downloader is a free web tool that you may use to download YouTube thumbnails quickly.

Making efficient use of web tools, you can perform the task within the least possible time, even without spending any amount in terms of subscription fee. So, you do not need to go for paid subscriptions, simply get advantage of quick access to prompt and user friendly YouTube thumbnail downloader. You will find this tool greatly helpful.

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