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Online word counter is a useful web tool which is used to count words in just milliseconds. It provides you the accurate result every time you put the content in it. In order to develop quality content, a writer must have a clear understanding about the total number of words he has written for a particular blog post or web page.

In the same way, sometimes teachers and professors don't like bulky essays and thesis. Instead, they prefer quality over quantity. Our word counter tool will help the students to accomplish the task in an effective manner to get higher grades in evaluations.

Why We Use Online Word Counter Tool

●     Accurate count of words

It is difficult to count the words of your document manually. Task of counting words kills a lot of time. Yes, Microsoft Word and Excel have the tool for the auto count of the words and characters. But measuring the words in a PDF file, will take hours of time and a constant effort.

A reader is not attracted to every blog, novel, essay and other piece of writing. Attraction of the reader totally depends on the blends of the words used in the writing to explain facts and to provide information. This web tool will help you to select the ideally required number of words, which can attract the readers toward your content.

●     It Provides Quick Results

Our online word counter tool provides the exact word count in your file. The task is performed in just one click and a few milliseconds only. To make it even more quick, we have removed the captcha check for your convenience.  We know that all these activities take the time of the users.

●     It is Safe to Use

To protect the privacy of our user we don't save any content that they paste in our text box for the counting process. Now you can use our tool without any hesitation and peace of mind. We always prioritize the privacy of the users.

●     It is Free of Cost Online Word Counter Too

You can use our word counter tool a number of times in a single day. Unlike other tools which show the message “come again tomorrow” after a few uses. It also doesn't require any kind of registration or subscription fee.

●     Comprehensive Result

Our efficient tool not only provides you the count of the words and characters but it also measures some other matrices of the content which could be very useful for you in many ways.

It provides the number of words, characters, characters with space and number of paragraphs. You may use these matrices to evaluate the quality of your writing and your ability to attract readers. The adjustment of the number of paragraphs helps writer to evaluate the content one has written for readers.

How to Use Online Word Counter Too?

●Step # 1 : Put your content in the box by just a simple process of copy pasting.

● Step # 2 : Click on the highlighted button of count after the pasting of content.

● Step # 3 : Analyse the result which will be produced in just a few milliseconds.

Which Information is Provided in the Result

●     Number of Words

The actual number of words which are present in the content.

●     Characters

The actual number of alphabets present in the piece of writing or content you typed.

●     Characters with spaces

It will tell you about the characters in the document with the combination of spaces between words.

●     Paragraphs

The total number of paragraphs which are present in the content which you have put in the text box of the tool.

Who Can be Benefited from Online Word Counter Tool?

Writing is a tough job, to write perfectly, you need years of experience and hard work. Despite this, some tools can help new writers to explore their potential in the field of writing.

Although anyone from any field or profession can use our tool, here is the detail of potential users who can particularly take advantage of our tool.

●     Students

Students can use our tool in their homework and assignments. By using this online word counter tool, you will be able to adjust the number of paragraphs and sentences according to the need of the task. So, you do not need to worry about the length of the article you are writing; You can now just write your article according to the instructions of the professor.

●     Teachers

If you need to check the assignments of the entire class, it can take a lot of time to measure the length of the article written by each student. Now teachers can use our online world counter tool to avoid such hassle of counting words, paragraphs and sentences.

●     Bloggers

Professional life is nothing but just exertions and dedication. In workload pressure, you may forget essential things like word count and other things.

Word count is vital in a blogger's life. Exceeding the word count limit intentionally or unintentionally isn't a decent sign for a blogger who has an occasional number of readers.

If you're a blogger, you'll lose readers as they'll find your content boring because of the length of your text. Quality matters quite a lot. Attempt to add relatable words and sentences to interact with readers to not add various things only for the sake of completing the task. Do not worry, our word counter tool is here to save lots of your days’ time.

●     Freelance Writers

Undoubtedly, freelancing is providing many individuals a good living but it is not always easy to fulfill the requirements of your client. Writer's requirements related to the word count and the length of the document can be solved by our free online tool. Now you can easily submit your work on time without any problem.

●     Webmaster

Webmasters have to work on SEO and setting up the title of the document. You can use this online word counter tool in order to find the exact number of words that are needed to be published on a website.

In order to make the website eye-catching, you have to perform various SEO techniques and writing is one of the key elements of the process. This will help you to get the desired volume of traffic.

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