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Addresses hold a special place in everyone’s life. You cannot get anything delivered to you if you forget to enter your correct address. In other words addresses are your second identity. For instance, in case of a fire emergency, if you need a fire brigade to save your house, you have to mention your exact address that includes your house number i.e. your address.

Let’s discuss IP address, it is a unique address reserved particularly for your device which helps it to stand out among all the other devices. It is a numerical symbol for instance 192.01.02, which is designated to one particular device.

These Internet Protocol (IP) addresses help devices to send information, transfer data to and from other devices. It helps the main server to identify the sender and receiver of information.

IP address allows your device to communicate with devices on other networks as well as with those available on the internet.

Nowadays, every organization and household use internet connected with a Wi-Fi device that has a public IP address but all the devices of your house which may include a laptop, cell phone, personal computers and tablets connect with it with their respective IP address hence the Wi-Fi router knows which device is connected to it and what information it had shared.


There are different types of IP addresses:

  • Public IP address gives you identification on a wider network so that all the information you look for can locate you. In such networks, all the devices connected share the same IP address.

  • Private IP address is restricted to a certain private network and except the devices that are part of that network; no other could be able to share information with your device. It also included all types of Bluetooth devices, which includes your printers, scanners and TV etc.

  • Static IP address does not change once it is assigned, for instance the computer you are using can have a static IP address. This type of IPs help to gather lots of information about the device as these IP addresses remain constant for a longer period of time.

  • Dynamic IP address changes from time to time, it is assigned by the network to which the device is connected. It is an IP address that is provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).This allows the ISP to keep an eye on the information that has been transmitted by the network. These are allotted for a certain period of time and then expire after it. Normally public Wi-Fi networks allocate these IPs to the devices whenever it is connected with them and when you leave that place, the IP identity expires. They gather information as bunches or groups of IP addresses of the devices that had been connected in that period of time.

  • DNS-Domain name system it is easier for computers to remember numbers instead of words hence DNS allows computers by providing the opportunity to translate words into numbers. Like we remember web addresses as text easily, the DNS allows computers to memorize it as numbers.

  • IP version 4 although with the increase of internet users these addresses had become old. Just like over populated cities, with increased population and for better management, the need for new areas arises, same is with these addresses as they are restricted to series of 4,294,967,296.

  • IP version 5 is not meant for general public usage as it had been launched as an experimental protocol based on UNIX. As per guideline, experimental versions are not meant for general usage.

  • IP version 6 was meant as the replacement of IPv4 and according to rough calculations it has 340,282,366,920,938,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 or 2^128 versatile IP addresses.


There are different steps which need to be followed according to your device. For instance, if you want to know the IP address of your mobile phone.

  1. Go to settings.

  2. Select Wireless and networks/ WLAN OR Settings >>network and internet >> Wi-Fi.

  3. Tap on your connected Wi-Fi. It will then show you the network strength, MAC address, security and IP address of the device.


Steps mentioned above are used to know the IP address of your android devices only, the procedure for knowing IP of other devices vary according to their operating systems. Therefore, we suggest using an online IP address locator to accomplish your task within no time and just clicking one available button.

You are at the right page offering the free tool to identify your IP. As you’ve seen the tool is mentioned as "WHAT IS MY IP", by clicking it all the information regarding your device will appear on your screen, which includes your geo-location indicating your country, city, province, time zone.

Many agencies and tracking companies use this information for the security of your device. If you are not on a public network, the ISP you are connected to would be displayed which can further be contacted to relocate your device.

While using this online tool, you will be able to know your IP details easily and quickly without paying hefty amounts to experts in handling this software as we offer a user friendly and easy interface that needs no expertise to fulfill the task. Even a person having basic ability to operate a computer, may use the free web tool to know his IP details.


  • Helpful to troubleshoot the problems with email accounts.

  • Improves the security of your device.

  • Shrink down the risk of IP blacklisting.

  • Tracing and tracking of your IP becomes easier.

  • File transfer becomes quicker and faster.


As we have discussed the importance of knowing your IP address and how important it is to keep your device secure in order to avoid any misuse.

Many hackers and malicious software use your IP address by attacking the Operating software of your device and spreading misleading information under your specified IP address which could land you in trouble. Hence we advise you to keep yourself updated by knowing your IP to ensure its safe use.

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