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Data from different business operations is often stored in different formats. It can be difficult to transfer data from one format to another and some formats are not compatible with others. In this article you will learn about converting TSV to JSON, a proprietary file format used by systems for data storage in tabular form.

JSON is a data format used for transmitting data over HTTP. The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight, text-based open standard designed to be processed by programs in web browsers and other environments.

It was originally developed by Douglas Crock ford in 2002, but it has since become an international standard supported by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Tab Separated Values (TSV) are similar to Comma separated values CSV although the difference is only that in CSV values are separated by commas while in TSV they are separated by tabs. It is a format which is used to represent data in tabular sheets or structures.

TSV is a way to represent text in a computer program. It’s not really good for much else besides encoding data into key-value pairs. JSON on the other hand is designed for human consumption. It can be used to make websites more user friendly or even just for simple text files shared by multiple users on a network such as between servers in an organization.

JSON is a data format that's used to send data between servers. It's also simple and easy to parse, which makes it a popular choice for storing your website's data. There are two common ways to convert TSV (tab-separated values) into JSON: using a parser or by manually doing it yourself.

JSON can be read by humans and computers, so it's a good choice if you want to store your information in an open format that anyone in the world can access.


TSV and JSON are widely used in most programming languages due to ease in their readability and transferring data without redundancies. Both had their own set of laws that are supposed to be followed when converting from one format to another.

These formats are used extensively in JavaScript, Python and C#. Let’s take an example of converting data from .TSV to .JSON in Python. For this procedure you need to have built-in modules which are CSV and JSON.

To read tab-separated data with the CSV module, use the delimiter="\t" parameter. The JSON module can also write directly to a file instead of a string. If you are using pandas you can use the required method to perform the task.

It is a long and brainstorming procedure also the result acquired may not be accurate and can have glitches that would make this conversion more lengthy and difficult.


Using online tools are wise, efficient and time saving solutions to all tasks that were quite difficult to accomplish faster before these tools were introduced. Converting data from .TSV format to .JSON was quite a lengthy task but now it had become a matter of a few minutes. Go to the web browser and select an online tool for conversion of TSV to JSON format.

Conversion tool for TSV to JSON Search online and you will find a number of websites which will convert your tab-separated values (TSV) data into other formats. For example, here is one that converts TSV to JSON. All you need to do is copy/paste your data into the box below; select the fields you want converted to JSON and then click the “Convert” button. Collect copy/ paste or share the acquired result.


  • It is generally difficult to manually inspect for any occurred error when TSV format has been used.

  • TSV is a common file format for data.

  • In normal functionality, it allows limited capabilities.

  • It’s often used to store tabular data. It’s an extension of the CSV file format, which stands for “comma-separated values.” Unlike JSON, TSV doesn’t have any formatting rules; it just separates columns with tabs or commas (or both!).


  • JSON is a common data format for programming.

  • JSON can be read by humans and computers, so it's a good choice if you want to store your information in an open format that anyone in the world can access.

  • JSON is easy to learn, read and write.

  • It can have a low character count reducing the overheads in data transfers.

  • As it is specifically designed for data interchange it is extremely faster.

  • Parsers for JSON are less complex hence processing time needed is quite low.

  • Saves memory space as the data saved in JSON format is compressed.

  • Many modern language developers choose JSON over other formats as it is scalable.

  • It is lightweight.

  • JSON is faster in comparison to other formats.

  • JSON can be nested.

  • JSON can also be converted to CSV, which is readable more easily by Excel.

  • It is easy to understand this format as compare to other formats.


The best way to convert TSV files into JSON is by using the TSV to JSON converter. It works very well and it will not let you down! If you want to learn more about TSV and JSON, check out our article on what are the pros and cons of using JSON over TSV.

If you are looking for the best TSV to JSON converter, then check out this article, to note down the key points that should be kept in mind while selecting an online conversion tool. Here, we had discussed the benefits of using TSV vs. JSON and how to convert TSV into JSON format using an online tool.

Using an online tool for converting TSV to JSON format is not only free but also saves your precious time and energy. Choosing a tool from an authentic website may enable you to go through all the rules and regulations to assure the secrecy of your data. This web tool is the best tool for your TSB to JSON conversion.

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