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Torque Converter

Torque Converter - Calculate The Torque

Stop trying to convert those pesky decimal degrees into a weird measurement system, just for a moment, and get the information you are looking for in seconds. With this tool, you do not have to worry about losing seconds or converting to different units for torque.

 It can be very hard to convert from one torque measurement system to another, especially if you're unfamiliar with how the units are defined. Check out this post which will help you with your torque measurements.

This Torque conversion calculator is designed to solve torque equations, the module contains a form for you to enter your value, and the results will be automatically calculated. 

This unit converter can help you convert torque to Newton meters and Newton meters to N·m and calculate mass, velocity, and acceleration when you enter or enter all four parameters.

What is a Torque Converter?

The Torque Conversion Calculator is a tool that converts torque values from one measurement unit to another. The calculator is useful when a torque value is measured in one unit but desired in another. 

For example, a person may have a torque wrench that measures in foot pounds and would like to convert this value into Newton-meters or newton-centimeters. It's measured in newton meters and foot pounds.

How to Use the Torque Conversion Calculator?

This torque conversion calculator is designed to convert Nm to lbf. It can be used when you want to know how much force (or torque) you need to exert to do a certain amount of work with a given force or torque.

To use this calculator, simply:

  • Enter your values into the appropriate fields
  • Nm (Newton meters)
  • lb-ft
  • ft-lb
  • Press "Calculate." 
  • The result will appear in the box below

This calculator converts between foot-pounds, inch-pounds, Newton meters, Joules, and kilogram meters.

Basic Features of Torque Conversion calculator

Our torque conversion calculator is designed to be easy to use. Simply enter the value you have in one system, giving you the equivalent value for all other systems in various units.

The following are some of the basic features offered by our calculator:

  • It converts torque from one unit to another.
  • It also converts torque from Nm to lbft, lb-ft, ft-lb, kgfcm, kgfm, and Newtons (N).
  • It allows you to select between two types of input values: decimal and scientific notation.
  • This calculator is designed for both imperial and metric values.

In addition to converting torque values, the calculator also features a unit conversion tool that allows users to convert between various units of measurement such as length, mass, temperature, and more.

Why Use a Torque Converter?

Torque Conversion Calculator is a simple and easy-to-use tool. It can be used in the following 

  • To convert torque units from Newton-meters to Pound-force-feet, Pound-force-inch, Kilogram-centimeters to Pound-force-inches
  • To convert torque units from Newton-meters to Kilogram-centimeters
  • To convert torque units from Newton-meters to Pound-force-feet
  • To convert torque units from Newton-meters to Pound-force-inch

Where Can You Use a Torque Conversion Calculator?

The Torque Conversion Calculator is a user-friendly software that helps you easily convert the torque value from one unit to another unit without any hassle. It has an advanced algorithm that calculates accurate results within seconds. 
It makes it easy for anyone with access to an internet connection to convert measurements from one unit to another, so they can be sure they are using the correct amount of force when working on their projects. Torque Conversion Calculator can be used in the following areas:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering

Benefits of Using Torque Converter

Many benefits come with using this tool. Here are 3 benefits of using a torque conversion calculator:


A torque conversion calculator allows you to convert values with accuracy and precision. It provides you with an easy way to convert various measurement units without wasting time doing it by hand or looking up the values in a book or online resource.


A torque conversion calculator is convenient because you don't have to do anything but enter your numbers into the fields on the page and click "Calculate." The results will appear instantly on screen so that you can use them immediately afterward if necessary.


Torque conversion calculators save time because they allow users to convert their numbers quickly and easily without going through any complicated calculations themselves (or even looking up those calculations). This means that users can spend less time doing math and more time focusing on other tasks!

Who Can Use Torque Converter?

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers are the ones who can use Torque Conversion calculator. They use this tool to ensure that their product's design is safe, reliable, and efficient. Mechanical engineers are also in charge of designing machines, tools, and equipment for different purposes.

Electrical Engineers

Torque Conversion is a calculator developed for electrical engineers. It allows you to convert between torque and other units, such as length, current, or power.
Electrical engineers are this tool's main users because they need to understand how different units relate to each other when they're working on projects.

Mechatronics Engineers

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineers use Torque Conversion calculators to convert torque units. They are responsible for designing and testing mechanical systems that use electronics, sensors, and software. They are also responsible for designing and operating these systems in production environments.

Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers are responsible for designing and constructing aircraft, space crafts, missiles, satellites, and other vehicles used in space exploration. They use their knowledge of physics and math to design these vehicles so that they can function properly in the extreme conditions of outer space.

One of the most important tools an aerospace engineer uses is a torque conversion calculator. This allows them to quickly convert between different torque units to get accurate measurements when designing new spacecraft or aircraft.


Torque Conversion calculator is a simple tool that allows you to convert torque from one unit to another. It's useful for scientists working on projects involving different torque units, such as the energy conversion between foot pounds and inch pounds.


Torque Conversion calculator is a handy tool for technicians. It can help you to find the right converter for your vehicle or to convert torque measurements in various systems of units.


A torque Conversion calculator is a tool students can use to convert torque units. It is designed to help students understand the torque concept and how it relates to other relevant concepts, such as force and work.

The torque Conversion calculator is useful for:

  • students who are learning about torque and its importance in physics

  • students who need help converting between different units of torque


Teachers can use the Torque Conversion calculator to help students understand the relationship between force and torque. Teachers can use this tool to help their students understand how torque is measured in different units and how they compare. Teachers can use it to help their students understand the concept of torque by converting its unit.

Bottom Line

So now you have a Torque Converter. But how much torque can it handle? Use this calculator to help determine how much torque you can give your machined parts with your torque converter before the part comes out of tolerance.

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