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Our slug generator tool is going to help attain robust ranking in search engine results. This tool is used for converting normal text into easy to remember and SEO friendly website URLs such as “writing page guide into "writing-page-guide”

How to use our text to slug tool?

  • Simply click on the option of text to slug tool on our website.
  • Paste the writing in the text box with the option of text here.
  • Now just click on the highlighted option of convert button.
  • Within a few seconds the result will be produced.
  • Now you can copy this converted result as the address of your blog or website page.
  • After this process you can immediately use this slug as your website's address without any further changes. 

What is slug?

It is the collection of lowercase elements in which space is separated by the dash. This slug is used after the domain name, to highlight the page of the website on which the user is surfing. For example in "abc.com/text-to-slug'', here text to slug separated by a dash sign is an example of slugified text.

This slugified text is easy to remember by a user as well as Google bot may also take it into account for indexing.

If the spaces in the address are not separated by the dash then Google may present it in the form of percentage sign such as % 20 % which will be difficult to remember for the user. 

Online Slug Generator

This tool helps you to generate the effective slug based on your keywords. These slugs are an integral part of websites, as they play an important role to be remembered by the potential clients.

Easy and frequent slug will be remembered by the users, so it will produce more traffic and revisits of the potential customers.

Moreover, an effective slug will be easily ranked by the search engines. As it will go through the search of the user and give him/her the result which will best match to that search.

Reasons to use our slug generator

  • Quick Results

Nowadays time is one of the few important things in our life which are essential for the development of an individual's life or the growth of the corporate/business world. So, the wastage of time needs to be reduced to the lowest level.

Our text to slug online tool will give you the result of your text in the form of slug within a few seconds. A single click will provide you the accurate creation of a slug which immediately can be used as your page's address.

  • Free of Cost

Have you ever imagined getting world class service at the faster Pace and with accurate results all that without paying any cost. Obviously, you have to pay some amount of cash to have the world class services of any tool. But we provide you the luxury of getting your hands on our best online tool without paying a penny. You also don't have to be registered on our website and with no limitation of the service. 

  • Accurate

This text to slug tool will provide you the accurate result on time the text you will put in the box its exact slug will be generated and this will be the finished product to be used in the URLs of your website.

  • SEO Friendly Slug

The search engine will automatically rank the web pages with the slug in their address. This is because the search engine does not have to fill the spaces in the URLs of website. Secondly, the search engine already has the complete address of your page.

If this search of the user is matched with the keywords of your slug, then there is more chance that the search engine will automatically rank your page on the top results. In this way, you will be able to generate more and more traffic from potential clients and generate more and more sales.

Good or Bad URL

You can think of a URL as the address of a website. A URL is important because it's the first thing people see when they visit your website. Secondly, it is the only way to get back on your site for them. It's also the only link between your website and search engines.

It is one of the most important aspects of SEO, but it can be tricky. If you don't know how to create a good URL structure, you won't get good rankings in searches and traffic to your website.

Here we Have Some Examples of Good and Bad URLs

Bad URL Structure: https://www.example.com/officeservice
Good URL Structure: https://www.ceample.com/office-service

If your site has different subdomains, then Google will consider them as the different websites. This will lead to the different ranking of your page in different results. In order to avoid this phenomenon,  you have to generate good urls containing effective slugs.

The good URLs will also help the search engine to understand the authority of your website and its consistency to post good content. In this way, your website will grow and be able to attract more traffic.


Slug plays a very important role in the ranking of your website in search engine results. It also tells the user about his/her actual position on the website page. In order to compete in today's world of high competition, you need to make sure that your website is easy to remember by the user. So, you need to undestand that not only the URLs but the slugs of the site also play an important role in promotion of the website. 

To fulfil the need of text to slug generation, you need to have effective tools. So, we are providing you these tools free of cost through our online portal of useful webtools. If you are running a blogging website, e-commerce store or any other site, you can use our tool without any registration and payment. It is real quick and saves your time and effort.

SEO friendly urls practices also play an important part with the effective slug formation.

These includes:

  • Meta Descriptions
  • H1 Headlines 
  • Usage of keywords in your content

Keyword Phrases Should be Present in Your URLs.

On every single page of your website, you can target specific keywords.
It will further strengthen your chances to be ranked higher in search results across search engines.

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