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Here we are going to focus on ASCII codes. ASCII stands for the American standard code for information interchange. On different official platforms, we might have given the partial ASCII table to solve the specific problems.

Usually, we are not given the whole thing to solve the problem or to convert a big amount of data. The reason is why we have to think about how we can give ourselves an expenditure of conversion of units in our required data.

Conversion by American Standard Code for Information Interchange:-

We have to change them into the codes that the American standard code for information interchange has made.

  • For example, if we are asked to change the word "blue" into binary, how will we do the process? So let's go ahead and do that. We will make the table of the letter, decimal value and then the binary value that's going to correspond to that.

  • The first thing you will do is, you will write the letters of blue in vertical form like B, l, u and e. Pay attention to capitalization. Capital B has the decimal value of 66. You will write 66 in the first case of the decimal column I in front of capital B.

  • Then lowercase l has the ASCII decimal value of 108. U has the value of 117, and e has the value of 101. So these are the letters you find on your keyboard. Now the next thing is we are going to convert the decimal value into the binary value.

  • Now the ASCII code is the 7-bit binary system. So 2 raise to power 7-1 means 2 raise to power 6 is equal to 64. 64 is going to be the highest placement for the binary numbers.

  • The binary system consists of 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2 and then 1. So to get 66 we get to add up 64 and 2. So we will write the binary code of 1000010 in front of the binary case of 66.

  • Here the letter capital B corresponds to the 7-bit binary code.

We can also find the value of l, u and e in the same concept but it is a time taking process. We don't have too much time to learn the heavy amount of data like ASCII tables.

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