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We've just released this new tool. You can batch convert SRT subtitles (subtitles for YouTube videos) to VTT subtitles (subtitles for screen readers and video players like JW Player, etc.). Good news, no Adobe Flash! A huge benefit of using VTT subtitles is that many more video players support them now compared to SRT. One famous example is Youtube's new 'autoplay on mute' functionality - this does NOT work with SRT but does with VTT.

What is SRT to VTT Converter Tool?

SRT to VTT Converter Tool is a small program that can convert SRT files into VTT files. It's a free tool that works on both Windows and Mac OS X.

In a nutshell, SRT files are text-based subtitle files used by video players such as VLC and KMPlayer. These are used to display subtitles in a video player, and they can be created using a subtitle editor such as Subtitle Edit or Aegisub.

The VTT format is the most widely supported subtitle format, and it is supported by many famous video players like MPC-HC, PotPlayer, and Windows Media Player. The main advantage of the VTT format is that it allows for more advanced parsing and styling options than other formats like SRT.

How to Use SRT to VTT Converter Tool?

  • Download and install on your computer.

  • Access Interface of the tool, and click the "Chose a File" button to import the SRT file into the program. If you don't have an SRT file, you can get one from the web or create it yourself.

  • Choose a video player you want to convert the SRT file into VTT format, such as Video Player Classic, KMPlayer, GOM Player, and so on.

  • Click the "Convert" button to convert SRT files to VTT format with this free tool!

Importance of SRT to VTT Converter Tool

This tool is helpful for video conversion. It is used to convert SRT files into VTT files. The SRT format is the text file format used in subtitles and captions in video files. It is a simple text file with a specific structure and can be opened with any text editor.

The most common use of this tool is for viewing videos online or offline on your computer or mobile device.

You will find many players available online that support this format but one thing you should keep in mind before using them is that these players are not perfect.

Sometimes they do not work correctly as expected, so if you want to view your videos without any issues, then you should go for professional players like KMPlayer or PotPlayer, which have a lot of features such as full HD support, subtitles support, etc.

If you want to convert SRT files into VTT files, then this tool is helpful to get the SRT videos converted into VTT without any hassle. There are many tools available online

Features of SRT to VTT Converter Tool

  • The tool is a free converter, which means that you can convert your subtitles in seconds by using this tool

  • The tool supports almost every version of Windows and Mac OSX operating systems, so you can use it to convert SRT files for any project or video format

  • You can download the tool and install it on your computer minutes after downloading it from our website

  • The tool is entirely free from viruses and malware, so you don't have to worry about security issues while using our program.

Advantages of SRT to VTT Converter Tool

It has several advantages, including:

  1. It is free. This means there is no cost to download and use, making it easy for anyone to access and use this tool.

  2. It can be used by anyone who has access to the internet without having to worry about downloading special software or needing any technical support for installation or use

  3. It provides users with several options that allow them to customize their conversion process to get exactly what they want (e.g., whether they want their text highlighted in yellow or red).

Who Can Use SRT to VTT Converter Tool?

Those Who Import subtitles into a game

This tool is for anyone who wants to import subtitles into a game. The tool will help you convert your subtitles from the standard format, SRT, into the more specific design for video game use, VTT. If you create a game and want to add subtitles to it, this tool is for you!

Those Who share their subtitles with others

Those Who share their subtitles with others are the ones who can use this tool. This is because they need to convert their SRT file into VTT so they can share them with others. They need access to this tool because it will allow them to share their subtitles more easily with others.

Those Who Make subtitle files compatible with websites or blog

If you are a blogger or website owner, this tool is something you should consider. This tool can convert your SRT files into VTT format and then upload them on your website or blog. This will help you make your videos more accessible to the users as they can watch them without downloading any files.

Those Who Convert a subtitle file from one format to another

You can convert a subtitle file from one format to another. The tool supports a wide range of input and output formats. You can also choose the desired output quality and adjust the frame rate, resolution, bit rate, and sample rate according to your needs.

Those Who Run video editing software

VTT files are used for video subtitles in video editing software like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and more. This tool is great for those who want to add subtitles to their videos without manually writing them in each scene.

Bottom Line

Convert your files converted from SRT to VTT format and add subtitles to videos super fast. No need to re-translate your subtitles if the size of your video changes. Just use the simple drag and drop feature and see it done in a flash.

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