Remove Line Breaks

Best Online Tool for Removing Line Breaks

Online Tool for Removing Line Breaks

The Best Online Tool to Remove Line Breaks

Sometimes you get a text from your email, which is in a skinny column or you copy the text from a PDF file and its line breaks are so dominant that it cannot be used in our form or you get a file with word wrap columns with spacing and line break problems. All these problems could be solved in just a single click.

 Our tool for removing line breaks not only provides you the luxury of removing the line breaks but also offers you the option of paragraph breaks in which it removes all the spacing within paragraphs.

Instead of spending prolonged hours and doing it manually, you can use our online free tool to fix your blocks of text and line breaks. It is quick and accurate and requires minimum effort and performs your task perfectly. 

Yes, this can also be performed in the Microsoft word file or Google docs but it takes more effort and time just to find the correct option and setting up the right alignment settings for the content. Whereas, while using our tool for removing line breaks, you just have to put the text in our tool and with just one click, you will have your desired result.

How to use this useful tool for removing line breaks? 

  • Just copy and paste your text in the text box.
  • After pasting text, select one of the two given options "Remove Line Breaks" and "Remove Line Breaks and Paragraph Breaks"
  • After selecting one option click on the highlighted button of format 
  • Within a few seconds, the result will be produced for your final usage.

Benefits of Using our Web Tool for Removing Line Breaks

  • It is Easy to Use

This software provides you desired results in an easy and simple manner. Clear instructions related to the process are given on the website. Every step is guided in a way that anyone can perform the task easily.

So, in order to save your efforts and energy, you should use our tool and this will help you to save your energy for other important activities.

  • Quick

In a matter of moments, our tool can provide you the desired outcome with 100% accurate results.

As a user, you just have to do a couple of clicks and select the right options, and your end result will be produced in the most accurate manner.

  • Free of Cost 

You can perform the above-mentioned tasks with 100 % accuracy in just a few moments and all that without paying any single penny. 

Furthermore, you can use this tool as many times as you needed.  There is no upgrade-based plan for the users.

  • Accurate 

If a web tool is quick and free of cost but its results are not accurate, then it is of no use. But our web tool for removing line breaks is robust, reliable, and provide accurate results.

The results are so accurate that you can use them with no worries of being false or sluggish. No double check is required and smooth running of the process is made possible by our tool.

  • Alignments

This tool aligns your text in a readable manner. Every extra space between lines and paragraphs will be removed.  Furthermore, a half line will be integrated with the next line so that it becomes more understandable and readable.

Removal of extra spacing between the lines and paragraphs will lead you to the result which is ready to post on any of your website or social media platforms.

Who Uses the Web Tool for Removing Line Breaks?

  • Bloggers

A blogger is continuously writing or receiving content from different writers. There can be some line breaks and word wraps, our tool can easily lead these bloggers there ready to post and perfect content in just a few clicks.

Furthermore, bloggers can save resources and time as it is free of cost and hassle free it provides your desired result in a few moments.

  • Content Writers

After spending much time for creating valuable content, writers can't afford to remove all the line and paragraph breaks manually. Instead, you can use our line and paragraph removal tool to perform this task easily and quickly.

  • Researchers 

After writing a draft of the research paper, researchers can align their document in an easy manner by just using our online line and paragraph space removing tool. 

Instead of spending precious time on removing the paragraph and line spacing, you can spend your time performing more productive and important work.

  • Social Media Influencers 

While writing or collecting the captions for your posts, you can do mistakes in the line spacing. But our tool can easily solve your problem in just one click 

Thus, instead of doing all the spacing related work manually, you can spend more time on creating interesting things to influence their flowers.

  • Script Writers

If you are a script writer, you can space your dialogues in the appropriate way by putting a portion of writing in the fixing box of our tool.

You can also rightly space your scene related writing, in the way that it can be understandable by the cast. If you had to do it manually, then you would have spent a lot of time just correctly spacing the dialogues and scenes.


This tool to remove line breaks is helpful for writers, bloggers and online workers as it provides you the opportunity of fixing your problems relating to paragraph and line spacing. As this tool is free of cost, many start-up owners and new writers will be able to deliver quality content.

This tool will also end the hassle of finding the options relating to paragraph and line spacing in Microsoft Word. You just have to open our online remove line breaks tool and perform your task in a matter of a few seconds. 

In order to avail the maximum benefits of our tool, you have to follow the instructions step by step. All these steps are mentioned in the article above. Hope you will get your desired results by using our free web tool to remove line breaks.  

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