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Living in a digitized era, we know how important our electronic devices and gadgets play in today’s life. All necessary documents, contacts and financial details are saved in our computers, laptops, tablets or cell phones. Hence restricting access to them by placing a password onto it is like securing your assets with a strong lock.


Passwords play an essential role in protecting your important data. The stronger the password is the safer your data is. It prevents unauthorized access to your gadgets. It is necessary that you place a complex password which only you know, whether it be a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters or a combination of letters, numbers and alphanumeric characters.

It prevents your computers and sensitive documents, programs from malicious software and hacking agents.

Besides securing documents, passwords are useful for retrieving e-mail addresses, logging into your social media accounts, databases, networks and also accessing different applications. Some key points for a strong password are:

  • It must have one special character i.e. /, #,!, @ etc.

  • It must have at least 12-14 characters.

  • Passwords must include both uppercase and lowercase letter.

  • It should be a mixture of both letters and numbers.

  • An ideal strong password must have all the above mentioned points.


Password generators are web tools that help you in securing your account by automatically generating random passwords based on your recommended guidelines. Passwords created by them are unique as well as easy to remember.

These password generator tools are developed by cyber security experts hence you could trust them with your sensitive documents. It is advisable that you use password generators that are available on reliable websites, to avoid scams and hackers.

Passwords set by you could be hacked easily by even weak hacking software but those set by password generators are difficult to hack due to the unique string of characters these tools choose as per your recommendations.

These online password generator tools generate passwords that are strong and users can easily secure their account in a few simple steps. You do not have to over burden your mind in search of a unique yet difficult to guess password.

Typically a user has multiple accounts that are password protected which may include banking to retail, social media and games to various applications. Users may manage all his/ her passwords with the help of these generators and they just have to memorize a master password, generated by password generator, which is of the password manager.


Online password generator tools are helpful in a way that they give solutions to all your security concerns within seconds, without burdening your mind.

The key to selecting a password generator is that the user must choose a password generator from an authentic and verified website as tools available there are developed by cyber security experts hence safety of your documents would not be compromised.


This password generator tool will help you in setting a strong password for your online accounts.

Given below are some simple steps which you need to follow in order to generate a strong password. By following these steps you will get a strong password. So, the steps to be followed are explained as follows.

  • Choose options given there, where you would recommend the length of your password.

  • Click the checkbox that inquires about selecting the characters of the password. i.e. you want your password characters composed of string (small case) letters, UPPERCASE letters or alphanumeric characters.

  • Hit the generate password button.

  • Memorize or note down the password that appears on screen.

  • Ensure that if you are writing it down somewhere it is secure and hidden from anybody else.

As you had noticed how easy it is to generate and set passwords using the tool available at our website. Our simple to use, user friendly interface makes it easy to secure all your sensitive documents within a matter of seconds.

If you are a programmer you know how much necessary it is to maintain security of your program and keep it away from unauthorized access.


Password generators are not only used in securing online accounts but are also developed by using different programming languages like JAVA, PYTHON, JAVASCRIPT, C# etc. few benefits of using password generators are:

  • Wi-Fi encryption.

  • Safety of banking and financial accounts.

  • Security of sensitive applications.

  • Safety of social media accounts.

  • No need to memorize long strings of characters.

  • You can use any random password generator without compromising on the safety of your data.

  • Different programming languages give different variants of passwords.

  • If you sign- out from your main account, all your password protected accounts are secure.

  • It allows generating tough passwords.

  • Protects from attacks by malicious software.

  • They do not need prior or much knowledge hence anybody can use it easily.

These were some benefits of using a password generator tool available at selected online portals. This web tool is not only user friendly but also facilitates you with a strong and unique password which will ensure that the safety of your data is not compromised at all.

Creating a password by yourself could be risky as it has been proved that guessing games plays an important part in hacking peoples’ financial and social media accounts hence landing its user in trouble and unnecessary hassle. Therefore, we recommend using an online password generator to make your life easy and secure.

Online password generators would be helpful in generating passwords without much hassle. So, you can take advantage of our online password generator to have quick access to this wonderful free online tool. We offer this tool free of cost and without any subscription.

So, you can take advantage of the free online tools to ensure safety and security of your data. The online password generator tool provides an easy, quick and hassle free solution to all your security concerns. Above all, this wonderful tool is available free of charge.

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