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If you are a professional computer programmer, you might be aware of the importance of using different computing languages. As we all know, computers do not understand human language. So, to give commands and get our tasks done we had to give instructions in different number systems which are commonly known as languages.

Different number systems are Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal, and Octal. Most commonly used is the Binary system but others had their respective importance.

In this article, I will try to understand the importance of converting octal into a hexadecimal system and how using an online conversion tool will save you time and energy while giving you accurate results.


Octal is a numeral system with base eight. It is often used in computing because it allows for more symbols than decimal, which has a base of ten. It is one of the number systems in which the numbers 0-7 are represented with base hence termed as BASE-8 or OCTAL.


Hexadecimal is a type of number that has a base value equal to 16. Unlike other number systems, the hexadecimal number system has digits from 0-9 and symbols from 10- 16. i.e 10 as A, 11 as B, and so on.

Programmers prefer to use HEX systems because they are compact and use less memory. They can also be converted into binary systems in less time in comparison to other numeric systems. The HEX system is used by the program to fetch a specific address in memory.

For example, 1101011010101111 is a big binary address but can be written as D6AF in HEX. This is just a small example. Imagine working on bigger data and how tiresome it would be to convert all the data into HEX format.

Hence by further reading, you will get to know the importance of the use of an online conversion tool.


As mentioned earlier, Octal is a base-8 system, which means it uses the digits 0 through 7 as its numerical values.

In comparison to e, the HEX system is more versatile than its octal counterpart as it uses only six binary digits. A single digit can represent multiple values i.e. 00 to 01, 0X to 0B, OR 10 TO 12.

While converting an octal number to the HEX system, you first had to convert it into a binary system and then into HEX format.

Let’s take an example of converting 536 into HEX format.

5368= (101)(011)(110)

= (101011110)2

The next step is to form a group of four binary bits to obtain its hexadecimal equivalent.

(101011110)2= (0001)(0101)(1110)

= (15E)16

Imagine it is just a small number that took so long to convert, considering the amount of time that would be needed to process larger batches of data.


As discussed above, it is a long and gruesome task to convert the entire program’s language from Octal to HEX format. Hence we suggest using an available online conversion tool, although there are many tools available, you will find our OCTAL to HEX converter meeting your all requirements.

It is user-friendly and you do not need to have any expertise to perform your task. Simply follow the basic steps and you will get your result in no time.

  • Search for your required conversion tool as there are many other tools available to choose from according to your requirement.

  • Enter code in the allocated area.

  • Press the convert button.

  • Retrieve your converted code.

You can easily reverse the whole process as our website offers you to convert data both ways. By using these tools you do not need to re-check and revise the results as we guarantee to provide you with accurate and error-free results.

We not only facilitate you with online conversion tools but also provide you with many tools that include the Image to TEXT tool, online calculators, development tools, domain tools, etc.


We are living in an era where everything is digitized whether it is an alarm clock, calculators, or conversions, hence basic knowledge about computer programming has become a necessity.

As everyone knows that computers are unable to understand human languages therefore to run any command or perform a task you need to enter commands in a language that is machine readable. Binary, decimal, hexadecimal, and octal are those major languages that are used to execute and run commands.

Here are some major reasons for converting data from octal to hexadecimal system:

  • The major drawback of using octal is that computers do not understand the octal number systems directly.

  • You need to convert octal into binary and then into a Hexadecimal numbering system which makes the task more time taking.

  • Due to dual conversion chances of error occurrence increase.

  • You need to have an extra converter that would convert octal into binary and then to decimal or hexadecimal format.

  • As compared to other systems, the hexadecimal system is compact and hence saves lots of space.

  • As the hexadecimal system uses base 16, it needs lesser digits to represent a number as compared to other number systems.

  • Conversion from hexadecimal format to any other system is always easy and quick.

  • Hexadecimal systems are always used in many computing areas to simplify binary codes. Humans invented the hexadecimal system to use it to get an easy and better understanding of binary codes which are used in computer programming.

As it is clear that hexadecimal is much easier to use, it is advisable that users must use online conversion tools. Although octal to hexadecimal conversion can be done manually it would increase the workload of the programmer because octal cannot be converted into HEX directly, first, you had to convert all the data into binary format and then it can be converted to the HEX numbering system.

This could not only take much more time but also chances of error and innumerable revisions are required because of the reoccurrence of errors. By using the online conversion toolS you will not only save your time but also acquire an error-free perfect result.

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