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We are living in a digital era in which everything is fast, accurate, and digitized. As we all know, that binary language is the only language that computers recognize. While octal is a system of counting that uses the number 8.

It’s commonly used in computer science as a way to represent binary numbers. The binary system is represented as 1s and 0s which make it easy to read and write.

In this article, you will learn why it is necessary to use an online conversion tool for converting Octal to Binary. These two types of numbers are used in computer science and electrical engineering to represent negative numbers or negatives of positive integers.

When you want to write a negative number, you need to first convert it from octal or binary. Your task would become much easier, faster, and error-free if you wisely choose an appropriate conversion tool.


A binary number system is among one out of four types of computing systems. Binary numbers are ones and zeroes. In computer applications, it is signified as 1s and 0s. This is the system of counting we use in computers and electronics.

Computer scientists often use decimals because of the ease of using them for large amounts of information. It’s much easier to count a larger amount using decimal numbers. Storing information using binary is more convenient.

It is much more practical to use binary for larger amounts of information, especially money. Binary is easier to use because you can represent larger amounts of money using a single digit.


Octal refers to a number system that has a base of 8 and uses the numbers 0 to 7. Among other classes, it is one of the number systems in which the numbers from 0-7 are represented with base 8 hence known as Base-8 or Octal number system. Computer programmers use this number system to represent binary numbers into shorter groups by grouping binary digits into threes.


As mentioned earlier, Octal is a base-8 system, which means it uses the digits 0 through 7 as its numerical values.

The binary system uses 1 or 0 to represent each of its values. These two systems are not compatible with each other and hence it becomes difficult to understand how they can be used together.

For example, let’s convert 7308 to binary.

78 = 1112
8 = 0112
8 = 0002

When this all is summed up together the binary value we get is

111 011 000

After removing unnecessary spaces the final value would be


Now imagine, it is just one number, consider the time this whole conversion would take if it is done for larger batches of data.

To solve this problem and make things easier you need to convert octal numbers into Binary. Read on to get a better knowledge of how you can do that.


Among many other direct and indirect options for converting Octal to binary numbering systems, the use of an online available conversion tool can make your task hassle-free and most of all Error- free. One can perform this conversion manually but that is the least favorable option when it comes to larger batches of data, as it would take unlimited time and precision to perform it manually.

Our conversion tool provides you with an opportunity to perform your task in no to very less time saving you lots of your precious time and energy yet no compromise on the accuracy of the result generated.

You just had to perform a few simple steps and get your task done immediately:

  • Enter the octal value that you want to convert into a binary number system

  • Press the convert button to get your desired result.

The conversion tool helps you generate results within no time; you can also reverse the generated binary system data to an octal number system by performing the function and vice versa.


Representation of data can be done in different languages for example, in the decimal system, Hexadecimal system, ASCII language, binary system, and Octal system.

While all languages have their own set of pros and cons, one big advantage of using binary numbers is that it simplifies the design of computers and related technologies. It provides ease in coding and there is less to almost no chance of errors left when using a binary system.

Conversion of Octal to Binary system can be performed manually but it takes longer time, much more effort and numerous revisions to ensure correct results hence making the process difficult, tiring and exhausting.

Also to carry out the process manually you need to be highly qualified, otherwise, it would almost be impossible to continue the process of designing computers and software.

While selecting an online tool keep in mind a few points before finalizing it.

  1. The conversion tool must be user-friendly, as complicated tools may make your work difficult.

  2. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly, as many online conversion tools do not make them apparent initially and once the user starts using it, later on, it's’ been claimed that there are only a few options that you can use for free, key or main features would be available only if you would become their paid member only.

  3. Use a tool that can perform your task both ways and allow you to cross-check the result hence ensuring the accuracy of the generated result.

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