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JSON to Text Conversion


If you are a computer programmer or software developer you must be aware about the importance of different formats. Various formats had been used by developers in multiple languages; they made selections according to their requirement and efficiency of the format.

These formats are used for transferring and exchanging data from client to server or from website creators to its user. The criteria of choosing a format is to monitor how much time a format takes to deliver information, memory space used, processing time for the data. It is difficult for a non technical person to read and understand different computer programming formats; hence plain text format is used to display information at the user end.


In this article you will learn about JSON, Java Script Object Notation, a proprietary file format used by the system for data storage and exchange of information at different ends.

Although as compared to other formats JSON is considered as less secure, less meaningful while transmitting information. It is preferred for storing temporary data, for example while filling out any form of an application it can store the information entered by user for a certain time period, as instructed by the application. JSON is considered to be good when working with large amount of data.

JSON is more readable and text-like in comparison to other formats even than it is difficult for a common user to understand the instructions completely which is written in JSON format.

Text format

As mentioned, JavaScript Object Notation is primarily used by programmers and developers and converting it into plain text is meant for a novice user who does not have any knowledge about the programming formats. These text formats are used to beautify, represent information by highlighting the data as required. This formatting is done in four different ways:

  1. Section formatting.

  2. Page or document formatting.

  3. Paragraph formatting.

  4. Character or font formatting.

There are three different styles of formatting which are popular:

  1. APA.

  2. MLA.

  3. CMOS.


The main difference is that with .txt () format the user will get a string format and with .json () the data will get parsed from JSON and turn into objects.


These two formats are used in different software, for example, notepad, Python, JavaScript etc.

If you want to change .json into a string of text in WORD in your android applications you have to follow two step procedures.

In the first step, by using powerful spreadsheet processing API Aspose. Cells for android via JAVA you can parse JSON to PDF. Now you can convert PDF into Word Processing API Aspose.

By opting to perform the conversion manually you will get in trouble and a nonstop cycle of revisions await you because even a minor error like missing (,) symbol could get you in trouble.


Time is the most precious asset that needs to be saved and while launching an application or maintaining a record it needs to be on time. Hence it is necessary that you choose tools that can help you in multitasking and make your job easier without compromising on quality. There are many reasons you choose to change the format of your data be it ease in readability of it, multitasking or demand of clients. Online tools make conversion of JSON to TEXT easier, quicker and accurate without any redundancies and errors. There is no need for repetitive revisions if the task is done with the help of an online JSON to TEXT converter.

To select a tool online you simply have to search a tool from the website and choose an option from them.

These JSON to TEXT tools are easy to use with an easy interface and even a non professional or novice user. It saves your money and time as well. Results derived by the tools are accurate and error free. Also you can perform operation vice-versa with just a click of a button.


  • Annotation of data is limited.

  • Verification of data is not guaranteed.

  • Less secure.

  • Zero error handling for JSON calls.

  • Limited supported data types.


There are several benefits of using .text format:

  • Text messages can be automated.

  • They can be more personal.

  • You can automate text messages.

  • Easy for humans to read.

  • They can serve multipurpose.

  • You can use text format to save notes, manuscripts and other text based instructions.

  • Text format is used in any operating system.

  • The plain text format is relatively safe.

  • It can be used in various programs and applications.

  • User friendly.

  • Readability and easy to learn.

  • Many applications use it because of ease in handling its back end support.


Many programmers and computer experts found .txt format relatively easy to handle due to its simple interface. A non-developer or a beginner can easily read and understand the message that had been conveyed in text format.

Although JSON is also text- based format, it has some added characters and symbols that are relatively difficult to understand for a naïve user hence converting JSON to TEXT can make data exchange more easily and the message would be conveyed without any misunderstandings.

We suggest using an online tool to make your task quick, efficient and accurate without any glitches.

Be aware of the fact that there are many websites that do not open about their terms and conditions which allow only limited services to their free users and complete access is given to users who own their membership by paying a certain amount of fee.

While, on the other hand there are pages which offer full and premium services to their users without any registration or membership charges. Therefore, select a tool from a web page by carefully reading and understanding all the terms and conditions. Also choose a tool from a website that has a secure connection in order to maintain the safety of your document.

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