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If you are a developer or software engineer you must be aware that there are various formats which are used for storing and transferring data. Programs that occupy less space without compromising on the quality of data are considered to be more efficient.

Developers intend to choose languages and file formats that fit into above mentioned criteria. Data from different business operations is often stored in different formats. It can be difficult to transfer data from one format to another and some formats are not compatible with others.


In this article you will learn about JSON, Java Script Object Notation, a proprietary file format used by the JSON system for data storage. Although as compared to other formats JSON is considered as less secure, less meaningful while transmitting information.

It is preferred for storing temporary data, for example while filling out any form of an application it can store the information entered by the user for a certain time period, as instructed by the application. JSON is considered to be good when working with large amount of data.


You will also learn about CSV, Abbreviated form of Comma Separated Values. CSV is considered to be the most common file format for storing and exchanging tabular data. In short it is a file format that helps to store data in tabular format. Files in .CSV format are easier to exchange information and store data in larger batches.

In comparison to JSON, CSV is potentially faster to write as it is analyzed and parsed more easily. JSON files occupy more space than CSV as it enters every letter as one byte hence occupying large space as a file.

Conversion of JSON to CSV file is done in many languages like python, JavaScript and also in Excel sheets in order to save space without compromising on data accuracy.


Conversion of data from JSON to CSV is a long, confusing and brainstorming task that could take lots of time, energy and preciseness. Minor mistake and your result would not be the same as you expect it to be. In python there are number of steps that needed to be followed to get your desired result:

  • First prepare a string of data that is in JSON format and you want to convert in CSV.

  • Create a JSON file.

  • Install PANDAS (it is a library in python which is used to convert JSON into CSV format).

  • Convert the JSON format into CSV format.

As you had noticed that this conversion needs lots of steps and a particular set of rules to be followed. It would be a long yet tiring task and accuracy of result is not at all guaranteed. Hence, we suggest using an online conversion tool as it will not only save your time but also the result generated would be accurate and error free.


There are a number of reasons why you might want to convert your data from a .JSON file to a .CSV file. Perhaps you need to open your data in a different program that only supports .CSV files, or maybe you want to make it easier to share your data with others. Whatever the reason, there are a number of online conversion tools that can help you get the job done quickly and easily.

To convert a JSON file to CSV, you will need a specialized converter tool. There are many such tools available online, and they vary in terms of features and price. Some converters can handle multiple JSON files at once, while others allow you to specify which data fields from the JSON file you want to include in the CSV output.

By choosing an online tool you will not only save your time but also multitask at once as you do not have to concentrate and drain your entire mind on only one task. Search for an online conversion tool in your browser’s search bar, there you will find lots of conversion tools across the globe. Choose according to your task, that is conversion of JSON to CSV format.

Select one from these selected links; now simply paste your data string that is in JSON format. Click on the convert button. Some websites also offer to upload your data directly from memory or only provide a link to your JSON data string. Retrieve your result from the allocated box for output. It is done within a few minutes.


  • Saves space.

  • Use of an online tool provides you guaranteed accurate results.

  • No need to brainstorm every time you need to convert a file from JSON to CSV.

  • CSV files are generally much smaller in size hence save lots of space in memory.

  • CSV is excellent while working in smaller batches of data.

  • As CSVs’ are plain text files they are easier for web developers to create.

  • As mentioned, CSV are plain text files that are easier to import in any database, or in any spreadsheet regardless of the software used.

  • CSV is easier to parse.

  • As data is not encoded or decoded they are considered as human readable.

  • CSV format files are made of plain text hence making it easier to read using any text editor.


There are a few different ways that you can convert JSON files to CSV files, and the method that you choose will likely depend on your specific needs. However, all of the methods described in this article should be relatively simple to follow, even for those who are not particularly tech-savvy.

With a little bit of effort, you should be able to convert your JSON files to CSV format with ease. Most of the web links provide a JSON to CSV conversion tool with a simple user friendly interface hence making it a game of few seconds to perform your task efficiently.

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