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Image Cropper - The Best Image Cropping Tool On The Web

Image Cropper is a staple of image editing. Whether you're preparing a photo for publication or need to crop an image to get rid of some unwanted background material, there are plenty of tools available to help with the process. I've used numerous different editing and cropping tools in the past.

It's easy to think of image cropping as just a utility to cut that distracting background out. But for some reason, it's the unsung hero of website optimization. It can be the difference between a good-looking site and an exceptional one.

What is Image Cropper?

It is an online image cropping tool that lets you crop many different photo sizes at once. It supports portrait and landscape orientations, making it ideal for all cropping needs.
With Image Cropper, you can also crop images to a specific ratio or aspect ratio.

 This means that you can get the exact dimensions you want for your Image. You can even resize images to match a particular resolution, which is great for uploading to blogs or websites that require a certain size for images.

Another cool feature of the tool is that it has an auto-crop feature. This means that if you upload an image with some blank space around it, Image Cropper will automatically fill in those blanks with black so that your Image will look better when displayed on screen or printed out!

How Does Image Cropper Work?

It is a web-based cropping tool for images. It's easy to use, and it's free!

Upload an Image

You can upload photos from Facebook, Instagram, or your hard drive.

Crop your Image

Use the tools at the top of the page to move around your Image and select how much of it you want to show in your final product.

Undo or Redo

Fix any mistakes by clicking "Undo" or "Redo" until you get things right!

What are some uses for Image Cropper?

It is a very effective and easy-to-use tool that can help crop images easily.
Image Cropper can be used for a wide range of purposes, including:

Crop photos

Crop photos online with our easy cropping tool. No need to download anything—upload a photo and crop it in seconds! We've got the best image cropping tool on the web; get started today!

Resize images

Image Resize is a free online image resizing tool that allows you to resize and compress your images while retaining their quality.
It's easy to use:

  • Upload the Image you want to resize.

  • Select the size of the Image you want from the drop-down menu.

  • Hit "Resize".

You can also adjust your Image's quality by changing its compression settings.
Once your Image has been resized, click "Download" and save it to your computer or share it with friends on social media!

Rotate images

When cropping an image, you don't always have to crop in the same direction. Sometimes, you might need to rotate your image to look more natural or aesthetically pleasing. 

Flip Image

Our tool even allows you to flip the image horizontally or vertically!
You can use our tool to flip the Image, so it's facing away from the other people in the photo instead of towards them. This will ensure that everyone else gets their face in the picture too! This is useful when trying to fit a photo into an existing frame with only one space left.

Trim videos (with the help of other tools)

With Image Cropper, you can trim a video, even if it was recorded with a different device or app. Just upload your video and click "Trim Video." Then, choose where to trim the clip and how much to cut off. That's it! We've got you covered.

Benefits of Using Image Cropper

Image crop is a simple tool that allows you to crop your images and make them look exactly how you want them.
There are many benefits to using this tool. Some of these include:

  • Cropping images is quick and easy
  • You can add borders and filters to your Image
  • It's completely free to use

What's New?

We've made a lot of improvements to the cropping tool. It includes:

  • Added more crop options, like setting a crop to be centered or rotated.
  • Increased the number of images that can be uploaded at once.
  • Added a "show lightbox" button in the bottom right corner of the image editor so that you can continue to use our image editing features while browsing other photos on the site.
  • Added a "rotate" button to rotate your Image by 90 degrees at a time.

Who Can Use an Image Cropping Tool?

Anyone can use our image cropper, but here are a few of the most common ways we see it being used


Parents who want to make sure their child's head is cut out of the photo before sharing it with friends and family.


Photographers who want to crop their images for display in a gallery or sale on a social media platform.


Bloggers who want to use their custom backgrounds in posts need an easy way to cut out an image from another source.


Writers who want to use an image as part of an article or book they're writing don't want to spend hours trying to find one that works well enough.

Which File Extensions are Accepted by Image Cropper?

Image Cropper supports the most common file types, including PNG, JPG, and GIF. If you're unsure whether your file is supported, it's best to upload it and try cropping it!

Is it free?

At this point, it doesn't matter if you're a professional photographer or just a casual hobbyist. You've got an image that needs cropped, and you need the best tool for the job.

That's where Image Cropper comes in! It is one of the web's most powerful, easy-to-use image cropping tools. It allows you to crop images with precision and accuracy so that every last pixel is exactly where it needs to be. You can crop your images easily using [tool name], whether you're doing it for fun or for work.

You'll never have to worry about wasted time or space again when you use Image Cropper. With this tool at your disposal, your Image will be perfectly cropped every time—with just a few clicks!


We hope this article has helped you decide which image cropping tool will suit your needs best and that you can use it to create the perfect designs for your clients. Using the image cropping tool is a lot like other Photoshop tools — you may be used to cropping images with the Rectangular Marquee tool, which you will find in the same position here.

However, many other features are available to help you with your ongoing design projects. To get a closer look at the features of this tool and others, click on the link below to head over to our Photoshop Web Store.

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