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Our online ICO to PNG Converter tool converts the ICO file format in the PNG format which is real time quick and accurate. It only takes a few clicks to convert the file to your desired results.

In the following part we have explained the difference of the two formats and the importance of their conversion. Furthermore we also have explained the efficiency of our tool and its highlighted features which can help the users.

What is ICO File Format?

Files with the ICO format contain the icons used to represent the application in Microsoft windows. These files come in different colours, size and resolution to Fit in the requirements of the display. These files are similar to the .CUR (also used in windows) and .ICNS( used in macOS). Official registered internet media type for ICO file is image/vnd.microsoft.icon.

The only difference between CUR file format and ICO file format are the byte used to identify each of them and the CUR format header contains hotspot. The hotspot can be defined as the pixel offset from the top corner if the cursor image where the user is actually pointing the mouse

ICO file format

A single ICO file is made up of one or more small images of varying sizes and colour depths. The presence of images in multiple sizes allows for proper scaling at various screen resolutions. In ICO/CUR files, all values are represented in little-endian byte order.



Icon header

Contains the general information about the ICO file

Directory [n…1]

Possess the general information about every image in the file

Icon # 1

The information for the first image, in old format or ne png format

Icon # n

Have data for the last image in the ICO file


What is a PNG FILE?

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a lossless image compression file format. PNG has nearly completely replaced the previously popular Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).

A PNG file, like a GIF, is lossless compressed, which means that all image information is restored when the file is decompressed during viewing. A PNG file is not intended to replace the "lossy" JPEG format, but rather to allow the creator to choose between file size and image quality when the image is compressed. An image in PNG format is typically 10% to 30% more compressed than an image in GIF format.

History of PNG

PNG was created by an Internet working group led by Thomas Boutell in 1994 to begin developing the PNG format. The GIF format was already well-established at the time. Their goal was to improve colour support while also providing an image format that did not require a patent licence.

Format of PNG File

  • Opacity of the colours can be controlled in the image, complete transparency can also be done.

  • interlaced of the gif format was very slow whereas PNG provides the fast interacted support

  • Gamma correction allows you to adjust the colour brightness of a picture to meet the specifications of specific display manufacturers.

  • Images can be saved in true colour, as well as in the GIF palette and grayscale formats.

Uses of PNG file

The PNG file format can be used for

  • Line art photos include drawings, illustrations, and comics.

  • Text images or scans, such as handwritten letters or newspaper articles.

  • Graphs, charts, logos, architectural plans, and blueprints.

  • Anything that contains text, such as page layouts created in Photoshop or InDesign and saved as images.

Advantages of PNG

Advantages of PNG files are.

  • After the compression of the file it does not lose any details and colours

  • It also supports a large amount of colours and formats which can be used in different files.

  • Offers the compression of transparent areas

  • Solid edges and corners which are perfect for the images containing texts and lines

  • Perfect for editing, its lossless property makes it one of the best fit for the editing

  • Comprises the bigger file sizes in the small sizes.

  • Natively this format does not support the animation but there unofficial extensions are available.

How to use our online ICO to PNG conversion tool

  • Step # 1: Choose the file which you want to convert from your device’s memory.

  • Step # 2: Click on the highlighted button of conversion.

  • Step # 3: Download the converted images in the PNG foam.

Advantages of using our tool

  • It’s Accurate and Quick

Our tool provides the user free conversion of his/her ICO file in the JPG format in real time. The user just has to click the few options and the converted result of the file will be ready to download.

If you try to convert the file manually on your computer it will take several minutes and more effort to find the correct option for the conversion. But our tool provides its user hassle free conversion in a few seconds.

  • Reliable

Our tool is perfectly designed for convenient and reliable results as it has no hidden cookies setting to take your converted data in its records. Moreover, our tool does not have any lags in its conversion process.

Every time you visit our tool for JPG conversions you will find the exact same perfections in your results. This consistency makes our tool stand out in the market and lots of people have a high amount of trust in this tool.

  • Free to use

Our website does not require any kind of registration and membership fee to use. It provides our users with world class service and peace of mind without paying any single penny.

The new developers and freelancers can take a huge amount of benefit by using our tool and save a lot of money.

Final Verdict

Instead of using manual ways of transforming images from one file type to another, you can use our free online to complete your process of conversions. Our tool provides you with the perfect user guide and perfect results within a few seconds which you can download on the spot and save them to be used at different points of time.

Furthermore, our tool is the most reliable tool available on the internet which you can access at any time and have your reliable results on time.

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