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This tool provides ease of converting any image format in the ICO file format. The conversion process takes a few seconds. Our tool also provides you the option to save the converted data in different file sizes. After the conversion you can easily download the image for official, professional, and personal use.


ICO files contain the icons used to represent the application in Microsoft Windows. These files are available in a variety of colours, sizes, and resolutions to meet the needs of the display.

These files are similar to.CUR (also used in Windows) and.ICNS (also used in Windows) (used in macOS). The official internet media type for an ICO file is image/vnd.microsoft.icon.

The only distinction between CUR and ICO file formats is the byte used to identify each of them, and the CUR format header includes a hotspot. The hotspot is defined as the pixel offset from the top corner of the cursor image to which the user is pointing the mouse.


One or more tiny images of various sizes and colour depths make up an ICO file. The availability of photos in varied sizes enables proper scaling at different screen resolutions.

All values are displayed in little-endian byte order in ICO/CUR files. Icon header and icon directory are the main components of the ICO file.



Size in bytes




Must always be zero. Reserved



Define image type, 1 for icon image (.ICO), 2 for cursor image (ICO)



Number of images in line are specified.


Each image in the file is represented by an ICON DIRECTORY structure in the directory, which is part of the ICO file's ICON DIR structure. The same is followed by a block containing all of the bitmap data for the image. This is depicted as follows.






If 256 pixels, width should be 0.



If 256 pixels, height should be 0.



If there are more than 256 colours, the colour count should be 0.



Reserved should be zero



Colour planes when in .ICO format, should be 0 or 1, or the X hotspot when in .CUR format.



When in.ICO format, bits per pixel, or the Y hotspot when in.CUR format



The size of the bitmap in bytes.



Offset in file.


How to Use an ICO Converter Tool?

  • Step # 1 : Select the file from your computer’s memory (file’s size should not be of more than 5 mbs)

  • Step # 2 : Select the icon size in pixels, options starting from 16 × 16 to 256 × 256.

  • Step # 3 : After selecting the icon size, click on the highlighted button of convert

  • Step # 4 : Within a few seconds the result will be produced which you can download for further use.

Benefits Using ICO Converter Tool

Our tool will provide you with a user friendly interface and clear instructions at every step of the converter. Furthermore, it has many features which are better than the other ordinary tools available on the internet. Some of them are as follows.

It Is Quick

This online tool provides you with the results at a very fast pace. With just a few clicks the user will be able to generate its desired icons and ICO format file. Afterward, you can download and keep within your computers for future use.

If users try to convert files manually in their computer, it will take hours of time and a lot of effort but our tool provides the user with the luxury of time saving and quick conversion process. This ICO Converter tool is helpful for the developers, freelancers and many more.

Free of cost

We don't charge a single sent from our users for the conversion services of our tools. Users just don't have to go through the hassle of registering and signing up, instead they just go to our webpage and upload their image and convert it in a few seconds. All this, without paying any cost.

It is Reliable ICO Converter Tool

You can trust our tool blindly as we respect the privacy of our users and don't share any uploades and conversion history to any third party or user.

So you can use our tool with peace of mind and no worries. Everything is secure and protected on our website.

Advantages of ICO File

ICO files have the advantage of supporting multiple image sizes in a single file. They provide a more compact way of storing image resources for your project when combined with a specific color palette.

Who Can use This Tool

Our tool can be very helpful to many users but there are some certain professionals who can use ours too in their work which are as follows.

  • Software developers

The developers of the software have to work really hard on their project, as they have to come up with new design ideas and graphically attractive content.

With all that pressure they also have to deal with the conversions, but our tool provides them some relief as they can easily convert the formats of the file and use it in accordance to their requirement.

  • Freelancers

As the freelancers have the limited resources and time frame to full fill the requirement of the projects of different clients. They can use our tool for the conversion of ICO files at a faster pace and deliver their services on time.

Final Verdict

Instead of manually converting images from one file type to another, you can use our free online ICO converter to complete your conversion process easily.

This tool provides you with the perfect user guide and results in a matter of seconds, which you can download and save to be used at a later date. Furthermore, online ICO Converter is the most dependable tool available on the internet, which you can use at any time to get consistent results.

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