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Do you have many HEX color codes you need to match up with their corresponding DECIMAL values? You came to the right place! That's exactly what this tool is for. Keep reading to learn more about this HEX to Decimal tool and how it can help you.

What is HEX to Decimal?

The HEX to Decimal tool helps you convert hexadecimal color codes to RGB and HSL values. A hexadecimal color code describes a particular shade of color using three characters, each representing a number between 0 and 9. For example, #00FFFF is the hexadecimal code for blue.

The HEX to Decimal tool converts between RGB and HSL, other common ways of describing colors. The RGB system represents colors in red, green, and blue channels (RGB). Each channel ranges from 0 (no light) to 255 (maximum light). The HSL system represents colors in terms of hue (H), saturation (S), and lightness (L).

How to Use HEX to Decimal Tool

Here we will show you how to use our HEX to Decimal tool. This tool can convert hexadecimal numbers into decimal numbers and vice versa. The HEX to Decimal tool is very useful in computer programming, as well as other areas of study.

  1. Select the conversion type you want on our website: Converting Hexadecimal Numbers into Decimal Numbers or Converting Decimal Numbers into Hexadecimal Numbers.

  2. Enter your desired hexadecimal number in the text box provided, then click on the button at the bottom of the page titled "Convert". This will convert your selected hexadecimal number into its equivalent decimal number. For example: if you have a hexadecimal number of "3E", it will convert into an equivalent decimal value of 62 (Hex 3E = Dec 62).

  3. If you want to convert a decimal number back into its equivalent hexadecimal number, follow step 1&2 above. Instead, enter your desired decimal number in step 1 and click on the button at the bottom titled "Convert" again! Your chosen number will then automatically show the converted data!

Features of HEX to Decimal

  • Converts between HEX and Decimal.

  • The tool is as simple as one-click conversion.

  • You can copy the converted result to your clipboard or save it to a file in different formats such as PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, or TIFF.

  • You can easily pick the color format you need by using the pulldown menu at the top of the page.

  • You can change the color format you want by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top of this page or by simply right-clicking on your screen and selecting "Pick Color" from the context menu!

Benefits of HEX to Decimal

Support for all platforms

This tool supports all platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

Easy to use

It is easy to use and requires no special skills or knowledge.

Results are accurate

The results can be used in multiple applications without a problem.

No installation required

You don't need to install this tool on your computer because it runs online, and you can access it from any device with an internet connection.

User-friendly interface

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use this tool without getting confused about its features or functions.

Free of cost

This tool is free for personal and commercial purposes, so anyone can use it without spending any money!

Convert Two Bases

This tool will allow you to convert between two bases; it supports base 2 through base 36 conversions!

No Distraction

No advertisements or pop-ups appear on this page, so you can use this tool in peace without being distracted by anything else!

Are You One of Them?


Programmers use the HEX to Decimal tool to convert hexadecimal color codes into their decimal equivalents. This can be helpful if you're working with CSS and want to know the corresponding color in decimal form or if you're working with other programming languages and need to convert a hexadecimal number into something easier to read.


Developers use HEX to the DECIMAL tool to convert hex color codes to decimal. Hex colors are used in CSS and HTML for color formatting. The HEX to DECIMAL converter can be used to find the closest match of a hex code in a database of colors.

Web Designers

Web designers use this tool because it saves them time converting a hexadecimal color code into its decimal equivalent value. This allows them to understand how many bytes are needed for each color on a website.

It also helps them avoid mistakes because there is no way for them to make an error when using this tool since it automatically performs the calculations for them without requiring any extra effort on their part whatsoever.


Organizations use HEX to Decimal to convert hexadecimal values to decimal values. This allows them to display the number in a format that is easier for humans to read and understand and make calculations with it.


These numbers are used by businesses and individuals daily, so it is important to have an easy way to convert these numbers so that they can be used properly.

The HEX to Decimal tool will help you write the code for your application to be compatible with any computer system that uses base 10. If you are a business, you may want to use this tool when creating an application that runs on a computer system.

Anyone Who Needs To Convert Hexadecimal Strings Into Decimal Strings

Everyone who uses a computer has probably had to deal with converting hexadecimal numbers into decimal strings at some point. This can be daunting if you don't know how to do it, but we have created this tool to make the process easy and fast.


Many people are interested in hexadecimal color codes and what they mean, and now you know how to take any hex code and find its equivalent decimal value. Hopefully, you found a use for the converter we've just introduced. We hope you enjoyed this article and will be sure to come back for more next time.

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