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What is the GST Calculator Online Tool?

Calculating, remitting, and managing GST can be a hassle. But with a correct GST calculator tool, you can rest assured that everything is calculated correctly.

Once you know that you have to pay GST, a lot of questions come up. You may be wondering: Is the GST on my purchase going to be included in the price? How much is my total if I include GST? Will I get back some of my taxes when I file my tax return? These are all great questions!

And luckily, there's an easy way to find out the answers. All you need is an online GST calculator.

In this article we will talk about everything there is to online GST calculators and how you can use them to calculate the required data.

What is GST?

GST is a tax on consumption. It’s a value-added tax or VAT tax. It’s also known as a consumption tax because it's based on the final sale price of goods and services, not their cost at the time of manufacture or importation.

GST can be applied to all goods and services except for some basic food items like milk and bread (although these have been subject to GST in some provinces). The revenue collected from GST goes into the revenue fund of the government.

The GST is a popular method of calculating the time value of money

The GST is a popular method of calculating the time value of money. The GST uses an approximation formula, which makes it easy to perform calculations with this methodology. This can be helpful when you want to quickly calculate the value of your money at any given point in time, or if you need to forecast how much money will be worth in the future based on certain assumptions about inflation and interest rates.

Why Do You Need an Online GTS Calculator?

If you're selling goods or services, you'll need to know how much GST is applicable to your transactions. For example, if you sell a $100 product and charge GST at 5%, the total cost will be $105.

If you're buying goods or services, it's important that your purchase price includes the correct amount of GST so that what comes out of the till matches what goes into your bank account.

There are two types of online GST calculators:

  • Transaction-Based Calculator:

This type provides users with an estimate based on their input values. You might use this calculator if you're selling something online and want to calculate how much tax should be applied automatically as customers make purchases through credit card payments (you can't always trust customers not to make mistakes).

  • Input-Based calculator:

This type allows users to input information about their business activity directly into the tool so that they can find out how much they owe in taxes each month based on past sales history and number of transactions per year.

How to Use the GST Calculator?

Here are the steps for using an online GST calculator:

  • Explore the internet. You can find a good online GST calculator by searching on Google or Bing.

  • Use your desktop or mobile device. The best way to use an online GST calculator is with a desktop computer, as it will be easier to see the tax calculations and get more accurate results than with a smartphone or tablet.

However, if you want to take advantage of mobile apps, such as those made specifically for iPhones or Android devices that allow users to calculate taxes right from their phones—you can still do this! Just make sure that you download one before starting your journey into calculating taxes online!

  • Enter your purchase amount and select whether it's taxable or non-taxable (such as medical expenses). Once you've chosen which transaction type needs calculating (i.e., "purchase"), enter in how much money was spent on said purchase--either by typing in numbers manually or using your mouse/touchpad/keyboard shortcuts when applicable--and finally select whether this transaction falls under taxable items (such as groceries) versus non-taxable ones like medical bills; once done filling out these details correctly according to "to how much" they were worth then go ahead and click submit so we know exactly how much tax needs paying based off what kind of products were purchased!

What are the Benefits of Using an Online GST Calculator?

It’s Easy to Use:

Most online GST calculators are easy to use, which is a major benefit. You won't need any special skills or knowledge to use them, and they don't require much effort. This means that anyone can get the right answer quickly and easily.

GST Calculator is a Free Online Tool:

Another advantage is that most online GST calculators are free, so they won't cost you anything extra out-of-pocket (though you will have to pay for your goods or services). Once again, this lowers their upfront costs considerably compared with other options—and it also helps keep costs down over time since there's no need for ongoing subscriptions or annual fees!

Variety of Uses:

Finally, one more thing worth mentioning about these handy little tools is their versatility; most people who use these types of programs tend not only to find them useful for taxes but also in other areas as well


Using an online GST calculator is a smart choice. If you are unsure about how much tax you should charge on your goods or services, using an online GST calculator will help ensure that you make the right decisions.

The most important thing to remember when calculating GST is that the tax rate depends on the type of product or service being sold, not where it is sold (within Canada).

It’s also important to keep in mind that there can be exceptions from time to time. For example, if an item has two different prices depending on its use (for example one price for personal use and another price for commercial use), then only the appropriate tax rate should be applied.

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