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Decimal To Binary Converter:

This is a simple tool for those that don't know their binary from their bits. Binary is a method of encoding information as sequences of 0s and 1s. Also known as binary digits, bits make up larger data units such as bytes and words.

Decimal numbers are represented by numerals ranging from 1-9. In our decimal to binary conversion calculator, simply enter the value to be converted in the top box, then select base ten or base 2 for conversion to binary.

What is a Decimal to Binary Converter?

A decimal number is a whole number with a decimal point. It has a value that can be expressed as the product of a non-zero number of factors, each multiplied by an integral power of 10.

A binary number is a special data representation using two digits: 0 and 1.

It stores information in computers, telecommunications, and other devices. It is also used in digital electronics.

The input is a positive or negative integer between 0 and 255, which is interpreted as a base-10 number. The output is a string of 8 bits representing the specified number in binary notation. Press Tab to write more...

How to Use Decimal to Binary Converter?

Decimal to binary converter is a tool that converts decimal numbers into binary representations. Decimal numbers are represented by their base ten digits, 0-9, while binary numbers are represented by only two digits, 0 and 1.

The decimal to binary converter allows you to enter a decimal number and convert it into its binary counterpart.

To use the decimal to binary converter, you need to follow these steps:

1. Enter the decimal number in the text box provided.

2. Click on the "Convert" button to convert the number from decimal to binary.

You can use this converter for educational purposes or fun. You can convert a decimal to binary or vice versa. The converter can also convert a base-10 number to another base.

In addition, you can look at the input and output values on the left side of the converter to understand how it works.

Features of Decimal to Binary Converter

The Decimal to Binary Converter is a great tool for converting decimal numbers to binary.

  • It's easy to use, and you don't need special knowledge or skills. You must enter your decimal number in the box and then click the "Convert" button. The converter will automatically convert your number into its binary equivalent.

  • You can also click on any part of the binary representation to highlight that part of the number more closely if you want to see what it means.

  • This tool is great if you're learning about computers and digital circuits or want to learn more about binary numbers.

Who to Use Decimal To Binary Converter?


To use a professional's Decimal To Binary Converter, you must enter the number you want to convert into the converter. You can enter a whole number or a decimal number. You can also choose to convert the whole number or just the decimal portion.

When you have entered your number and clicked on the "convert" button, it will display two boxes at the bottom of your screen. The first box shows the binary equivalent of your decimal number, while the second box shows its hexadecimal equivalent.

The numbers in both boxes are displayed in binary format, and dots separate them. Each dot represents one bit, and a full byte consists of eight bits.

Tested for Accuracy

  1. Enter a decimal number into the first field and click "Convert". For example, enter 3.5 and click "Convert".

  2. The result will be displayed in binary format in the second field. For example, if you enter 3.5, you'll see 1010 in binary format (the highest value will be shown first).


Students studying Computer Science or Mathematics can use this converter as an educational tool and gain knowledge about how computers work and how they store data internally within them in bits and bytes, etc.

Also, it helps them understand how computers store information within memory units such as RAM, ROM, Hard Disk, etc.


Programmers use the Decimal To Binary Converter to convert decimal numbers into binary numbers. This allows them to work with bits instead of decimal numbers. This is useful for computer programming because computers use binary logic, and bytes are a computer's smallest unit of memory.

A programmer might need to convert a number from decimal to binary if they were writing a program that needed to do calculations with numbers that were not whole integers.

For example, suppose a programmer wanted to write a program that calculated how much money they would make by selling a product at different prices. In that case, they could use the Decimal To Binary Converter to convert their price information into binary so they could do their calculations.


Engineers use the Decimal To Binary Converter to convert decimal numbers into binary numbers. The data that is output by a Decimal To Binary Converter can then be used to create digital systems, as well as digital circuits. These circuits can be used in anything from computers to mobile phones.

Decimal To Binary Converters is also used in scientific research and engineering, allowing users to convert decimal numbers into binary numbers quickly and easily.

This makes it easier for engineers and scientists to perform calculations on their machines or computers, which can help them solve complex problems more quickly than if they had converted the same information manually instead of using a Decimal To Binary Converter.

Advantages of Decimal To Binary Converter

Decimal to binary converter is a free online tool that converts decimal numbers to binary numbers. It provides a simple way to convert decimal numbers into binary format. This converter can be a quick tool for converting decimal numeric values into binary format.

Decimal to binary converter has many benefits that include:

1. It is an easy way to convert decimal numbers into binary format

2. It saves time by providing an instant solution for the conversion of any decimal number into its equivalent binary value

3. It provides the user with accurate results without any errors or mistakes

4. The output of this tool is easy to understand even by non-technical users because it displays only two digits after the decimal point at any time

5. This converter works offline and does not require any registration or sign-up process


Decimal to binary converters can be accessed online, in print, and of varying complexity. It is essentially a tool to convert traditional decimal numbers into binary numbers.

The conversion essentially works by adding the values of every digit added together to come up with what we call the SIDE value. There are different conversion methods, and this article will explain how binary is derived from decimals and exactly how these conversions take place.

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