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Base 64 Encode


Encoding and decoding techniques are used to communicate in daily life as well as play an important role in developing modern programs; software and online applications. these are an essential part of computing language. Encoding and decoding are used in many forms of communication including computing, data communications, digital electronics and human communications. These two techniques involve change of format of data for storage and transmission.


For beginners, the term encoding refers to translating words/ sounds into symbols / letters.


More precisely, convert the ideas into words/ gestures / symbols that could convey meaning; this procedure is termed as ENCODING.


Conversion of an encoded data back to its original sequence of text format is called decoding. Electronic devices called decoders are used to convert encoded text into its original text format.


According to WIKIPEDIA: “Base64 encoding schemes are commonly used when there is a need to encode binary data that needs to be stored and transferred over media that are designed to deal with textual data. This is to ensure that the data remains intact without modification during transport”.

Base64 only contains A–Z, a–z, 0–9, +, / and =.

Encoding techniques are used to create many programs and deliver it accurately as per required, without having any glitches or errors.

The sole purpose of encoding is to transform data properly so that it could be used by different types of systems without data being modified.

Encoding is used in daily communication as well as in many computing languages to convert text into meaningful binary code. By applying encoding techniques you can remove redundancies from data which save lots of time and space. You can work on multiple programs simultaneously without over burdening your system. Different decoding techniques are used which includes Analog- Analog, Analog- digital, digital- analog, digital- digital.

Encoding is used to protect information or data from being disclosed on unknown receivers.


There are many online graphical tools available that are used to perform encoding, decoding and hashing procedures on various types of data as per requirement of the task. So, while exploring web portals for free online tools, you may find the best tool for base64 encoding in a prompt and accurate manner. This free tool may help you a lot to complete your project within the least possible time.

At an online portal you may find various types of graphical tools that can perform your designated task within minutes hence saves you a lot of time and energy. Many programming languages such as JAVA, GOLANG, PYTHON and C# use encoding techniques to compress the size of a program and for less consumption of space in memory. Although this procedure can be done manually, we suggest using an online available graphical tool in order to save time and energy.


You just have to follow simple steps so as to get results within no time. The tool has a very simple and minimalistic interface that requires no expertise to complete your task.

  • Enter text in the allocated box then enter text that you want to encode.

  • Click on the encode text button.

  • Retrieve encoded data.

  • UPLOAD you can simply upload a plain text file that you need to encode by clicking the upload file symbol and get your result in a few seconds.

At any step you can perform the function in reverse order which means that from encoded data to plain text.

The free web tools will decode the data within seconds. As mentioned earlier these tasks can be performed manually as well but by using graphical online tools you will save lots of time and your energy as well without compromising on accuracy of result.


Programmers prefer to encode their data for following reasons:

  • To ensure integrity and usability of data.

  • To save space and memory.

  • Encoding removes redundancies from data; it will make files much smaller hence saves space.

  • It is more helpful and beneficial if you have large amounts of data that need to be archived and saved.

  • Encoding helps to send important and secret messages in a meaningful manner.

  • Speeds up data entry process.

  • Feedback is cost friendly.

  • Accuracy of result is guaranteed.

  • Major advantage of using base64 encoding technique is converting binary code usually into ASCII characters.

  • Storage requirement is increased by 33%, if an image is stored in base64 encoding technique.

  • It is ideal for transport mechanisms.

  • Base 64 takes 4 characters for every 3 bytes so it is more efficient in comparison to other coding languages.

  • This technique is not ideal for saving images, if users’ main concern is to minimize storage.


  1. Saves time: By using an online tool for base64 encoding you would save lots of time as it requires only text data and your desired encoded result would be there within no time.

  2. No subscription charges: These tools are available on many web portals and to use them you do not have to particularly subscribe on that portal.

  3. Free of cost: As mentioned, these encoding tools are free cost and you can perform your task without spending a single penny.

  4. Accuracy: An online tool ensures accuracy of result as while encoding manually there is a chance of human error hence transmitted data could have redundancies and glitches but by using an online tool you are guaranteed to get an accurate result.


Encoding technique benefits have been discussed in detail and how using an online graphical tool can give you the advantage of saving cost, time and energy. This online encoding tool facilitates computer programmers, web developers and software providers. T

The core purpose of encoding and decoding technique is to transmit data as it is and without any errors. Hence an online encoding tool is best for transferring data with ease. So, while using base64 encoding online tools, you will be able to accomplish your projects in a professional manner.

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