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Computer programming requires languages and communication techniques that could deliver accurate messages and there should be no chance of any misunderstanding. Encoding and decoding provides an ultimate solution to this issue.

As we all know that computers do not understand human language therefore programmers or users had to give commands in a language that is machine readable i.e. binary language. But not everyone using computers is able to give commands in machine readable language hence encoding and decoding techniques are being used to make the process easy for both user and computer too.

Experts of programming languages like JAVA,PYTHON, C# and GOLANG uses encoding and decoding techniques to save their data from being disclosed to unknown users, also it saves them lots of time and space.


According to WIKIPEDIA: “Base64 encoding schemes are commonly used when there is a need to encode binary data that needs to be stored and transferred over media that are designed to deal with textual data. This is to ensure that the data remains intact without modification during transport”.

Encoding keeps your data safe because only the person who has access and knowledge of the algorithms that are being used can understand the meaning and purpose of the encoded message. For every other person it is just a bunch of inexplicable data. The major advantage of encoding is to transmit data from binary to ASCII (TEXT)format.


In simple words, decoding is the opposite of encoding which means in coding lines of code are attributed to a certain program, be it a software installed on a robot or a computer program being run in the background of an application. Decoding is the interpretation of the encoded messages. It is the reverse process of deconstruction of a program that had been made.

An electronic device called decoder had been used to decode the encoded text and bring it into plain text or any related format. A decoder is an electronic circuit which is installed in memory ICs.


The main purpose of using encoding and decoding techniques is to ensure the secrecy of data being disclosed on unknown receivers. Various decoding techniques that include Analog- Analog, Analog- Digital, Digital- Digital, and Digital- Analog had been used to securely and accurately transport data.

Base64 techniques are commonly used when you need to transmit data without being modified during transmission. By applying these techniques you can remove redundancies from your data thus saving lots of time and energy.


Contents that are encoded using base64 technique are decoded by simply providing a path of the file with - - decode flag. For decoding information or a program you must be aware of the algorithm that is being used to encode that data.

In simple words, you had to apply the divide and conquer rule i.e. split the string letter by letter and then you had to translate them back to their six- bit binary representation. And in the final step you had to divide these bits into byte- sized chunks, now you can translate them into their original format.


As explained above, you must have understood how much time it will take to decode an entire soft wares’ data, if you opt to do it manually. Therefore, we suggest you use an online tool for decoding your data. You can select the decoders available at many web portals to perform your task within no time. Just search in your web’s browser and select accordingly.


You just had to follow simple steps:

  • Place encoded text in the allocated box.

  • Press the decode button.

  • Check your strings in real- time.

  • Select accordingly, as encoding technique is used in JAVA, PYTHON and many other programming languages so choose the tool that is appropriate according to encoding technique used. This will ensure that the decoded data attained is correct and fits your needs.


There are many factors that highlight the importance of using encoding and decoding techniques:

  • These techniques help in removing redundancies from given data.

  • It aids in saving memory.

  • Base64 decoder is used to transmit information in modified form.

  • Despite the fact that size is reduced while encoding the quality of end result is not compromised.

  • Image files can be embedded inside textual assets as HTML or CSS files which is helpful in sending email attachments.

  • Base64 decoding technique is helpful in encoding the result of a cryptogenic function.

  • It plays a pivotal role in the development of the World Wide Web.

  • Base64 techniques are simpler to use but empower the internet.


  1. HASSLE- FREE: You just had to paste the encoded data and click the DECODE button to get your task done.

  2. SAVES TIME: Manually it would only take a few minutes that too for copying the data from its file and pasting it in the allocated box.

  3. FREE OF COST: Decoders available at online portals are free of cost hence saves you lots of time. There might be some portals that offer limited services for free users and full access has been granted to their paid subscribers, therefore make sure to choose wisely.

  4. ACCURACY: Results retrieved are free of error and accurate so you will be satisfied with the end product.


As discussed above, we had made the importance of encoding and decoding techniques very clear. But the main thing that had to be kept in mind is that it is a very lengthy and tiresome task to perform encoding/ decoding tasks manually.

Therefore we suggest choosing an online base64 decoder tool to perform this task quickly and with more efficacies.

You can choose an online decoding tool according to tasks’ requirements; the tools available on various web portals have a user-friendly interface which needs no expertise to perform the task. Hence, a relatively new programmer or software developer can operate it and get the task done with accuracy and quickly.

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