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ASCII to Text: A New Way To Test Your Character

Have you ever been playing a game and wondered how developers test their game? A lot of console games utilize a controller to play games. But what if you want to play the game on your desktop computer?

There are several emulators out there that could be used to play the old console games, but ASCII to text converters seem to be more cost efficient. ASCII to text converters doesn't require external hardware to run the game.

What is ASCII to Text Converter?

ASCII to Text Converter is a simple tool that can help you convert ASCII characters into text strings in the most efficient way possible. It was developed to help people who want to enter text in programs that can't handle ASCII characters. Still, it's also great for programmers looking for a fast way to convert their ASCII files into plain text.

The program takes advantage of how you can represent each ASCII character with a single letter or symbol, so it's much faster than other converters. It's up to 20 times faster than some similar programs!

It also lets you customize your conversion settings to fit your needs exactly. You can set up multiple profiles with different settings and switch between them easily whenever necessary.

How to Use ASCII to Text Converter?

ASCII to Text Converter is a tool that converts ASCII characters into text. This tool converts the character's binary code into a string of text. This converter can be used to test your character, as well as find out how many letters are in a word.

To start using our ASCII to Text Converter:

  • Enter an ASCII character in the box on the left side of the page

  • Press 'Convert.'

  • The text equivalent of your ASCII character will appear in the box on the right side of the page.

Features of ASCII to Text Converter tool

ASCII to Text Converter is a tool that converts ASCII to text. It has 8 features:

  • You can convert the whole file or only a part of the file.

  • You can write the converted result into a new file, or you can write it into the same file

from where you have taken the ASCII code.

  • You can choose between upper case, lower case, and title case.

  • You can select different fonts, font sizes, and colors for your outputted text file.

  • You can choose whether or not to save your outputted text as an image or an HTML file so that you can easily share it online with your friends and family!

  • If you want to convert text into another language (for example, English to Spanish), this tool allows you to select that option under the "Language" tab!

  • This tool supports all major operating systems, including Windows 7/8/8.1/10; Mac OS X 10.10+; Linux Ubuntu 14+ (32/64bit).

Benefits of ASCII to Text Converter tool

Here are the benefits of using ASCII to Text converter:

It's free Web Tool

ASCII to Text Converter is a free tool for converting ASCII to plain text files and vice versa. It does not require installation or registration and works on all Windows operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10 without any issues or delays!

Easy to use

The interface is simple and easy to navigate to find what you need. Some helpful tips pop up on the screen as you work, so you don't have any problems using this tool if it's your first time using one like this one!

User-friendly interface

Our ASCII to text converter tool is designed to be simple and user-friendly so that you can easily convert your content into text.

Results in seconds

Our ASCII to Text Converter tool can process files in seconds, no matter how large. This makes it easy to convert large batches of files at once or multiple times per day if needed.

Ideal for documents

ASCII text files are often used in documents because they're easily read by computers and humans alike. This makes them an ideal format for exchanging documents between machines and people—and our ASCII to Text Converter tool makes converting those files a breeze!

Works on any device

Our ASCII to Text Converter works on any device, whether you're using a desktop computer or a smartphone! Download the app from your preferred app store (we recommend Google Play or Apple App Store) and start converting today!

No limit on usage

Because our ASCII to Text Converter tool is free and doesn't require registration or subscription fees, there's no limit on how many times you can convert files!

Automatically formats the converted text

Our ASCII to text converter automatically formats the converted text into paragraphs with proper line breaks and spaces between each line of content, so everything looks neat and tidy!

Who Can Use ASCII to Text Converter?


Teachers can use ASCII to Text Converter tool to convert text into ASCII code. It is a useful tool for teachers who want to save time while converting their text into ASCII code. Teachers can use a simple ASCII converter to convert any text into ASCII.


ASCII to Text Converter is a tool that helps you convert ASCII text to an editable format. This means you can use it as a text editor, which is a great option for professionals who often need to work with ASCII text.


Students can use it to convert text files into a more easily readable format by computers. This is useful for students who are studying computer science and need to create programs that can be read and executed by a computer, as well as for students who are studying other subjects that require them to use data in a computer program or spreadsheet.


This tool can be used by employees of any company who need to convert their text files into a format that can be read on their computer. It will work for any text file saved in the .txt format. It is also free, so employees don't have to pay anything.

Anyone Who Needs Conversion

Anyone who needs a text converter is the right audience for this tool. This includes anyone who wants to convert their ASCII file into a different format so they can open it on another device or computer.

It also includes people who want to convert their ASCII files into other formats so they can print them out, share them with others, or edit them somehow.


It's rare to encounter a piece of code that has such a cool name as ASCII to Text. With the multitude of testing tools, including unit tests, this is surely a more exciting name for developers. This tool will certainly be very useful to those who want to create a more automated workflow. And though it is neat, it remains to be used in real word projects.

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